Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beige Dinner

Tonight's dinner is a perfect example of "good personality" cooking. Looking at the plate, I realize that it's pretty monochromatic. It's a beige dinner, with a bit of blue mixed in. But once I ate it, WOW! Taste sensation!

I roasted red, white and blue small potatoes with sliced garlic, onions and crimini mushrooms. Drizzle EVOO, liberally sprinkle smoked sea salt and roast until soft on 400. I learned about cleaning mushrooms from the original Iron Chef. "Give them a shower, not a baaaath." (Please read this in Chairman Kaga's voice.) I hope I remembered the instructions correctly.

Today's farm share included wax beans. I knew my super taster wouldn't even eat them steamed, so I decided to save them for DH and me. I sautéed them in EVOO, white wine and smoked sea salt until soft. I'm not sold on the white wine. I didn't enjoy the flavor, although DH liked them. Grilled chicken thighs purchased through the buying club marinated in EVOO and smoked sea salt rounded off the main meal.

The colorful part came from the entirely local salad. Two kinds of lettuce, tri-colored carrots, cucumber and carambola/star fruit. An extremely simple tangy vinaigrette contrasted nicely with the sweet star fruit. The vinaigrette is EVOO, white balsamic vinaiger and gas station mustard.

What is gas station mustard? Dijon mustard that costs .75 Euros purchased in a rest stop in France. My little sister lived for a year with a French family and her French mother swore by gas station mustard. It truly is the best mustard I've ever tasted. If you can't acquire that, use a sharp dijon and just imagine how much tangier it would be with gas station mustard.


Jenny Hughes said...

True story: growing up in South Miami, we had an enormous carambola tree in the backyard. And mulberry, mangoes, avocados, lychee, mamey. Former owner was a tropical horticulturist, lucky for us!

Ruth said...

Jenny, that must have been amazing! I'm salivating thinking about the fresh fruit you had...